The main priority of the EXPA project is to promote the social integration and employability of migrant women in the field of handicraft and creativity through development of their basic and transversal skills.

The project is innovative as it develops innovative methodology to meet this priority. Project partners will develop, test, adapt and integrate innovative training model that will enable trainers to establish a creative and intercultural learning environments with the use of contemporary informal methods, to motivate and increase participation of target group in learning programmes, improve their basic and transversal skills and thus make it more consistent with socio-economic needs.

Particular attention will be devoted to develop innovative training model on the field of handicraft and creativity. It will provide a new programme for socio-economic integration of migrant women on local, national and EU level. Migrant women come from different cultural backgrounds, with different traditions, characteristics of handicraft and arts skills and techniques. While interest in handicraft and other value added products has in fact been increasing in recent years development of individual creativity, innovation, skills, talents and ideas could represent the innovative basis for facilitating their integration, individual empowerment, the potential for additional income or the job creation in the local environment. It is a chance to become Ā»visibleĀ« in the community social and economic life.